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Thermoformed component holders fixate with highest accuracy component parts for transport as well as for automated and manual handling in production and assembly processes in the automotive industry. These holders are mainly constructed out of ABS or tough impact resistant polystyrene with optional electrical conductivity and anti-static properties for the electro/technical industry.

Self-supporting stackable component holders: An individual base insert is developed for the parts being packaged and placed on the stacking frame of the underlying component holder. This allows for a contact-free positioning of the parts in precise fitting cavities and for protection from dust and dirt. Rotary stacking containers can be rotated by 180 degrees after part removal and then nested inside each other. Base inserts can also be placed in standardized, height adjustable and reusable frame tools. The precise positioning of the components allows for operation on automated conveying systems as well as for robot-assisted removal.

Non self-supporting component holders: Insertion of the load carrier in a container as an outer packaging (plastic containers such as KLT, RAKO, EUROTEC or skeleton boxes and other frame racks). The component holder is exactly fitted to the inside shape of the container and secures the parts. Contrary to self-supporting component holders material strength can be reduced, whereas lateral grappler recesses enable the removal of the layers. Non self-supporting component holders can also be constructed without containers as intermediate layers which are directly placed on underneath parts.

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